Jikiden Reiki® classes

Shin shin kaizen Usui Reiki Ryoho
"The Usui Reiki Treatment Method
for improvement of body and mind."

Shoden or level I
2 days 10am-6pm

*3 Reiju - attunements
*Jikiden Reiki® history
*Jikiden Reiki® objectives
*Gokai - Reiki principles
*Reiki Mawashi (Reiki current)
*Byosen (feeling the accumulated toxins
*The first Shirushi (symbol)
*Ketsueki Kokan technique
*Reiki Okuri
*Reiki practice/exchange Textbook included

Okuden or level 2
1-2 days 10am-6pm

*2 Reiju - attunements
* Review Shoden
*Second Shirushi
*Treatment to help psychological issues
*Jumon for Distant Reiki
*Kokai Denju
*Reiki exchange
*Reiki Kokan - candle ceremony introduced by Hayashi Sensei
*Japanese certificate

Deposit for classes is
$200 Non-refundable
Shoden Class Total $350
Okuden Class Total $400
*Non-refundable $200 deposit required two weeks before classes
Shoden Resit $150.00
Okuden Resit $100.00

I am available to teach at your classroom or yoga studio.

I also teach from my home if there are 1 to 4 people.