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another person’s Reiki experience

Margaret J. Place   Berkeley Springs, WV  Jan. 2019

Pain results from all kinds of sources – mental stress, physical wounds, and internal body symptoms. No matter what the cause, you don’t function well. The usual remedy is a pain pill or some other medical “cure.”  Add unexpected health and personal shocks of the past six months, to my normal health issues at 81, and I was truly over stressed. I was having pain in my lower back from sciatica and arthritis. 

 I have always been open to alternative methods of pain relief such as massage and homeopathy. When it was suggested that I try Jikiden Reiki, I said “Why not?” I was sitting in a chair in front of a table. As this was impromptu, Nancy recommended that I lean my arms and shoulders on the table so my back was reachable and extended somewhat.  After placing her hands on my shoulders and spine, she slowly moved to my lower back and towards my right hip, which was so painful. Nancy placed her hands on my hip and lower back area.  As time passed, I began feeling energy of heat and warmth. The pain began subsiding and I felt relief. Yes, I got relief from pain without a “pain pill” and a true sense of healing from the laying on of hands. Yes – I can highly recommend experiencing Jikiden Reiki.  No – I don’t know much about Reiki or Jikiden Reiki but would like to continue using Reiki and learning more about it in the process.