Joyful Light Reiki offers relaxing Jikiden Reiki®

treatments for the improvement of body and mind


Reiki Treatments

can be effective for relaxation, pain management, reduced anxiety and depression


Reiki Benefits

include improved sleep, improved digestion, and stronger self-esteem


Reiki in Medicine

Many hospitals in the USA are beginning to offer Reiki for patients before and after surgery, as requested by the patient

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Welcome to Joyful Light Reiki

Reiki is a Japanese relaxation technique developed to reduce stress in order to promote physical, mental and emotional healing. The Japanese word REIKI comes from two others – REI meaning universal and KI meaning energy. The word JIKIDEN means direct. Jikiden Reiki ® can trace its lineage or roots directly back to Mikao Usui, Sensei. It is purely Japanese in origin. “Reiki practioners receive energy from the universe and this energy is amplified and passed to patients via the laying on of hands. Put simply, Reiki awakens the natural healing powers we all possess but which lie dormant, untapped.” (From Hayashi Sensei as remembered by Chiyoko Sensei in Tadao Yamaguchi’s book Light on the Origins of Reiki.)

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Jean A.

Berkeley Springs, WV 2019

I recently experienced Japanese Reiki as opposed to Reiki done in the USA.  There was such a huge difference, not to say that USA style doesn’t work. The practioner said Japanese prayers in the beginning.  Her hands were so-o-o-o warm. It felt so good. The session was one hour.  You are fully clothed and covered with a blanket. The touch is very healing and very much needed by everyone.   Please try it!


Daniel Speis, MSW, LICSW

Owner/ Therapist at Inner Awakening Counseling & Consultation, Martinsburg, WV 2019

I’ve both practiced and received Reiki for years, but never have I had as powerful an experience and healing as I have with Nancy’s practice of Jikiden Reiki! I have worked with Nancy several times and have been amazed by the simplicity, comfort, and healing power of this form of Reiki without the addition of all of the other new age fluff-and-stuff that I have experienced with many practitioners of the so-called “new age arts.” Putting it simply: Nancy is an amazing facilitator of healing with a gentle soul and deep wisdom, and I highly recommend her to anyone who is serious about their healing and well-being. 


Tony V.

Berkeley Springs, WV 2019

Tony V.  Jan. 14, 2019

I have suffered intense pain in my left bicep due to advanced arthritis, joint deterioration and rotator cuff damage for some time. Under medical direction I have sought relief through a variety of approaches. None were long lasting.

After only two sessions with Nancy I found myself pain free for 24 hours. I look forward to more sessions . Nancy is an encouraging and compassionate practitioner who is receptive to your input .